Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Cleaning Lady

I really dont want to sound selfish or ungrateful, but........my cleaning lady pissed me off.
Yes i know, not many people can afford a cleaning lady and be lucky that you can afford one so shut-up.
But like anything else, if i am paying for a service, i expect it to be done right. right??
So she came yesterday. Originally she wanted to be payed in cash only, which sometimes is not an option, so we talked about that,.
Then yesterday i come home from work to a note.....First off, she broke my bean pot from Home and Garden that i LOVE, although don't use that often. I keep it on top of the stove. So now i am already annoyed. Then she says she wants me to get a new mop b/c the one i have doesn't work too well. It is a Libman mop, that is one of the better ones, so i gues she would like a cheap one. Then i find out she didn't empty the garbage in the kitchen. Whatever
But my MAIN thing is NOW i cant find my digital camera. Sigh........i have looked all over and i can't find it. I had my sis looking as well. I even checked my car which i know it wasn't there.
So i left her a message to see if she put it somewhere that maybe i haven't looked.
And i left a text message w/ my friend J. We were there on Friday at her pool and i bought my camera but never took it out to use it. So cross your fingers that it is there.
Anyway i am just annoyed at the current turn of events and when my parents come back i dont want them to have to leave the house for her to come.
I think i may have to let her go...... dont know b/c i really like having a cleaning lady, but she wasn't the original one. MY lady Betty is sick and her friend is taking over. UGGG!!
What to do??? What to do???

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~Denise AKA NYNative said...

yikes. did you still pay her the full amount the day she broke your bean pot? Those things are not cheap! Did she offer to replace it. You need to talk w/ her. Tell her how you are feeling, if it doesn't go well, ask for your key back right then and there. Cleaning people are a dime a dozen.