Sunday, December 28, 2008


Since i have had people living with me since June, i have been slowly loosing my mind. I figured this was Gods plan on my untimely death. To send me into a slow decend into insanity, first the twitching, then the hair falling out, then the right eye blurring, then the stuttering.......its all downhill from here.
So i thought i would post some of my wants before its all over,

1. I want peace, and, quiet........
2. I want a dishwasher that is run completly full, not with 3 bowls on the bottom and 5 cups on top.
3.I want to be able to walk to my bedroom in a towel from the shower and not have to look both ways before i go.
4. I want to be able to FINALLY watch a show I DVRd that is not 2 weeks old
5. I want to be able to watch TV in MY living room and actually watch what i want to watch.
6. I want to get up at 3 AM with the girl, and NOT see the downstairs TV on and the TV in the bedroom on as well
7. I want an electric bill below $400 for once (see #6)
8. I want to be able to go to an unplanned dinner w/the b-friend and not have to answer to anyone.
9.I want to clean a part of my house and ACTUALLY have it stay that way for more than i day.
10. I want to have cereal for dinner and not have to worry about what anyone else is eating.
11 I want my private time with my b-friend.........

So the folks got an apt they are SUPPOSE to move into this weekend coming. We will see what happens. I had to talk my dad into NOT bringing my mom to see it on Friday. As sad as it is, i think he would have lost it again.
But please keep your fingers crossed. They are at my sis house for the weekend. sigh........i have a taste of the way it may be again.
Moving ON........

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