Thursday, January 15, 2009


Even the word gives me the creeps.....
This is what i think of you Cancer:
I think you are a Bitch
I think you are a Dream Stealer
I think you are a Family ruiner
I think you are the Devil disguised by a name
I think you make the rich, poor
and the happy ,sad
I think you are the worse thing that happened to our family
you beat out the heart attacks, by far
I think you are a whisper in the dark
because Noone wants to breath your name outloud,
for fear they will catch it
I think you are taking my mom and you make me sick.
I hope someday someone, somewhere will find a cure for you,
and you will go to Hell where you belong.
I think YOU SUCK!!!!
You came back one last time to put yourself back in my mothers body.
Go pick on someone your own size. She is weak, she is frail, She is MINE!!
You want her??? Well you can't have her Now!!
So go to Hell!!..........

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