Thursday, August 20, 2009


We decided in lieu of a go away vaca, we did a staycation. You know the vacations you take where you stay home and not spend 4,000,000 going to a place you will hate in the end anyway.
So we decided to go to Sesame Place in PA. We spent alot of time on-line researching it. We were going to stay overnight and do a 2day pass, but the cheapest hotel and with the park prices etc, it would have come to over $600. Way too much for a day trip vaca.
SOOOO we decided on a 1 day trip. It takes about 2 1/2 hrs to get there so B was fine with driving both ways.
We left the house around 6:10am. I packed the night before so i didnt have to do much in the morning. B had an old laptop that we were able to set up for a movie in the car. Wopeee!!
For the kids not us...dam.
We drove with no traffic, gave the kids breakfast and started the movie.

Then we hear the dredded words "mommy?? i have to go to the bathroom....Me tooooo mommy. Really bad mommmmy really bad"
Yikes. We are NOWHERE near a rest stop. Not even a sign that says "rest stop".
Uggg. So what does the Mother Of The Year do?? Pull over and let the kids pee on the side of the Jersey Turnpike.
Yeah I did. and I have to say, S peed very good outside for a girl thats never peed outside before. It only hit her leg a little. *sniff* so proud.
N just peed and peeed and peeed i thought he was never gonna stop.
Then of course 10min up the road was a rest stop. They would have never made it that far.

We get to the park 8:45 and get a prime parking spot. Sweet.
So we get tickets and i'm looking around thinking "wow there really arent alot of people on line" Hmmm.
Well I asked one of the people in line and they were there for breakfast with Elmo. Uhhh nooo. Well no wonder it was so short and the parking so great. Duh.
It didnt actually open until 10:00am *sigh* So off to Mcdonalds we go for breakfast. Yumm
When we actually got there at the RIGHT time, the lines were looooonnnnngggg. There was alot of "God, what is taking so long!!!!" (from B not the kids)

So we got in, and got a locker for our crap. Well, our duffle bag we packed didnt fit in the locker. Grrrrr. Thank goodness the guy behind the counter was nice enough to take it and put it behind the counter for us.
FINALLY off to the rides we gooo.
The lines there were very very long. *sigh* more waiting.

Let me just stop here, and mention that MY kids were AMAZING. The wait on some of those lines were absolutly ridiculous. The line of the day seemed to be " If you don't knock it off, we are leaving!!! do you want to go in the car and wait??!! cuz you will!!"
I can't tell you how many times i heard that yesterday. amazingly enough not from me :)

Well the slides were a BLAST!! My children have NO fear of that stuff. (show N a kitten though and he breaks into sobs, send him 3000 feet in the air and throw him down a slide in a dark tube? NO problem. uggg)
I do have to tell you that those water slides ARE NOT made for 36yr old, overweight, half crippled with ankle and hip pain, already sunburned from the day before, ladies.
See THAT should be on the signs, not "if your under 36' you have to ride with an adult." Cuz, i have to say with all the above mentioned, adding my 50lb daughter on my lap in an innertube that my ass already drags in, is just no fun!
B went on a few rides with us, but he mostly watched for our kids to come shooting out of the bottom of a tube. fun for him right?? He was a trooper though, cuz i sure wouldnt wanna be hanging around in the scorching sun doing that! Thanks babe, You rock, and the kids will always remember this as their first trip as a family!

We had lunch in the place which was an awful rippoff and cost about $45.
And for the first time in my life, i didnt care that the kids icecream went all over their bodies, cuz they were in their swimsuits and i just threw some water on them and BOOM! MESS BE GONE!!
The only thing that sucked, is that my camera stayed in the locker. didnt want it ruined. But then i saw some people walking around with a plastic box hanging around their necks, Well, low and behold, it held a camera. Inventive huh?? Gotta get me one of them for next time. I have 1 pix with us in the front of the place. Thats it.
Well, i do know, for sure, that my kids had the BEST time. They were only getting ansy by the end of the car ride home. Me too for that matter. But you know they held on really good.
I now know that i can take my kids out for the day and they wont be complete animals.
I love them dearly, more and more each day for that matter. and they continue to prove to me that by God

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