Monday, November 02, 2009


On Friday we went to the boys school for a 'Fall Fun night" they went trick or treating at the school then headed into the gym for some "Monster Mash" Apparently they taught him to "Walk like an Egyptian" I never taught him to dance like that i SWEAR. She was twirling like a princess on crack.....didnt teach her that either..This was before we went Trick or Treating. Or Whinefest 2009. Which started a block and a half away, with " Im tired", "I'm thirsty" "Are we almost home" Grrrrrrrr... I turned into my dad right in front of their eyes... " You kids are spoiled!! When i was your age, we were out till it was dark and my parents had to pull me inside!!" None of this "I'm tired Crap!!" It really is annoying, especially when i just worked all day and the last thing i wanted to do was walk some more...
At the end of our night.. My BFF Stacey asked if S can have a sleepover at her house. UH YEA SHE CAN. I packed her bags and she says to me "mommy dont worry, i will be home tomorrow: Whew!!
Thats not what i was worried about, the 3AM call was my worry.
But she did awesome!! I called to say goodnight to her and she was fine and thrilled to have eaten Chinese food for dinner. so when i said "ok, honey i miss you" She sighed and said "Mommy, i said i was going to see you tomorrow" I swear i could actually HEAR her eyes roll.
I had some anxiety about the whole thing. Even though she acts 16 she is really just 4. She told me she didnt sleep all night but i don't know how true that is. She was bright eyed and bushy tailed, in the morning. I think they had a good time.
The best part is that it is another Family Fun thing to do, together.. :)

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