Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess

It was a beautiful April day, and my parents were over visiting. You were already a week late, so who knew when you were showing up.
I was watching Regis and Kelly (definately Kelly) and i felt a "pop". Hmmm I though, yet again.
I went to the bathroom and sure enough my water broke. I put a pad on and went on with my day.
Through out the day, no contraction, but some weird color discharge, but I though "Meh whatever"
I called the hubby and told him that my water broke but no contraction.
Dont head home yet.
He came home normal time and i decided i needed to go to CVS. The hubby argued and I won and me and mom went to CVS in labor. I did get some contractions there, but no biggie
I finally called the OB at 3 and she told me to get here "immediately". She thinks the baby swallowed Meconium. (baby poop)
We frantically got our stuff together, while I panicked being in rush hour traffic on Nichols Road.
Our 2 yr old came inside crying because he got hit in the lip and was bleeding.
HALT! ok, get a cold wash cloth and deal with that.
The phone rings, its the OB. Where are you!!!
Gosh, on my way..
We get there in 20 min or so, and the contractions were stronger.
I get out of the car and immediately decided on a wheel chair.
I told the hubby that I felt like I needed to push in the elevator
We get up into the triage room.
I hear my OBs voice and I yell out
Corinne i need to push!!!
She yells back Dont PUSH!!
She comes in to see me and said "OK she IS ready! lets go"
See told ya so.
There were people everywhere, she thought the baby was going to be born in distress, and i panicked at the thought that she was going to have to go to PICU or worse...
I pushed for 8 whole minutes....then they grabbed her and had to suction her mouth..but she was FINE, beautiful and all mine.
Born with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair, that even now people comment on.
I loved her from the second I saw her.
She is my princess and she is 5!!


Anonymous said...

By far the scariest day of my life! Going 100mph up Nicolls Rd. while you were in the fetal position on the floor of the car. Praying we wouldn't have to have her on the side of the road in front of bumper to bumper traffic! Arguing with the idiot at the desk about insurance updates. "Yes we moved since Nick was born but you will get your money! I will come back and update the info. but she is about to have this baby on this filthy floor because you need to update my freaking address!? Get us a blanking room and her doctor NOW!" People talking about my baby being in distress and before I could really understand and start to freak out she was here. Perfectly fine and incredibly beautiful! So much drama, we should have known then. I love our little angel so much (you too by the way!) She is such an amazing young lady. I can't believe she is 5 already!

~Denise said...

ok seriously you guys are killing me with the mushy stuff!!! :D But I love it!

B, I think you hit the nail on the head... so much drama!!! :) Sazz is awesome and I'm PROUD to be her Aunt! :)