Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Times are changing...yet again

Well, I truly enjoy my job. My new job at Brookhaven Hospital. The job that I changed my entire life for. Uprooted my daughter, changed my shift, and had to rearrange my entire family life for.
Then they closed 2 units, and had to put the "displaced" employees somewhere. That somewhere, was MY position. MY full time, day position!
Last week I got a phone call, from the HR dept, to tell me that MY full time position has been taken by someone with more seniority. So I get to pick a new position. Hmph..what if I didn't want to..
Well, I had to, my position was no longer, MY position.
So I dragged my annoyed, disgruntled, pissed off butt to the job, to pick a new position.
My options were limited, per diem LPN position, which means NO work. Then there was a full time position, in Hemo dialysis...OK full time is good.
Problem is that it is a TECH position, a FULLTIME tech position. *sigh* so I took it.
So now I was stripped of my position, AND my title...I feel so violated...

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