Monday, August 09, 2010


So my vaca technically started on the weekend. I haven't had one since
last summer and boy I needed one. This one is very different, because we have a pool
and a backyard paradise (right B?)
This weekend I gave Nick a BOY play date with his friend Evan. He was so happy he went
around yelling "Guy time wahoo". Not that he doesn't love his friend Ava, but after a summer
of girl play dates. he was ready for some "guy time"
Evan came over around 12 and I took Sara out to see my sis to get her out of
the house so she won't make them nuts! He got picked up around 2:45 and then it
was pool time.
My brother was having a party with some guys from work. No girls allowed.
I didn't care, as long as he fed me. I spent the rest of the night reading James
Paterson's book "Private". It was so good I finished it one evening. By 11:45pm I was
exhausted, but happy I finished it. Sooo good!!
Sunday, I went to Summerfest in Sayville with the BFF Kathy. They had
crafts and a carnival. Nicky loved the Ferris wheel. It wasn't an actual Ferris wheel,
but it was close enough. Sara went on the "Miracle round" (Merry Go Round)
her favorite..My G-friend Stacey & her new B-friend Dave came over as well as my sis.
I had fun with my girls (Dave blended in). Swimming ,snacking, laughing, and just
having fun..Love it!
Today, I had to go to the podiatrist for a bunion on my right foot that I
have had forever and is really starting to bother me more and more. He did
an ultrasound, then an injection of Novocaine, anti inflammatory, and B12. It
hurts a lot now, like a bad bruise. But in a day or so, it should feel better on a daily
basis. But that meant that I got to hang out at the pool and not feel guilty, cuz I was
supposed to stay off it for a day....
Tomorrow Nick starts golf lessons for 3 weeks, twice a week. Then we are
heading to Lindenhurst to a sprinkler park...Sara got spanked right before she went
upstairs, so we shall see how she acts tomorrow..fingers crossed.
We shall see how the rest of my week goes..

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~Denise said...

oh vacation! So I guess I can call you and we can chat for a bit???? :)