Monday, December 11, 2006

My own Perspective

Well, I just read my sis in law D's blogg and she told a story about being bummed about not having enough money to spend at christmas. She then read a blogg about a person who foound her 28mo old baby had died in her sleep. Yikes!!!
Sara has had Croup for the past few days and when I listened to her breath I wanted to blow my own breath into her to help her breath. I could only imagine what that family is going through right now. However, it does put my life in perspective: I have 2 beautiful and well children (despite a cold or so). I live in a big, warm home and have family close at hand. So what that my ex walked out on the best thing that ever happened to him, or ever will. I will live my life to the best of my ability and give my love to someone who deserves and appreciates it. I will concentrate on being the best mom I can be and raising my children in a loving, nuturing environment.
The Holidays are here again and althought not everyone has what they want in thier life, you should take this time to look over what you DO have. Family, love, health, food , roof over your head and love in your heart. Everything else is secondary. I love all of my friends and family that read this and I am so happy and grateful to know you and have you in my life. Everyone of you!


Denise said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
So sad about my friends daughter.
The drs thought she only had a cold w/ a cough. She had a viral infection that was merciless and filled her lungs w/ mucus and suffocated her!!! SCARY!!

luann said...

hey sis! way to go!!!!! good at putting things in perspective. and you know i am miss negativity, so that helped me too, thanks babe!!!