Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Twosome

1. S. being the funny child as she is has always made me laugh. So the other day she was in the highchair w/her "baby" daoll with her. I gave her a yogurt to eat for a snack. I left the room for 2 min. and I came back and the yogurt was dumped over and all over the table. I said "oh, no Sara you made a mess" I heard her say "Did it". So I said "What did you say honey" and she said "The baby did it". I cracked up, already putting the blame on others.

2 N. has been coming up w/stories lately. He keeps mentioning "granny" I dont know who that is. Anyway he tells me the other day that him, nanny and goofy went to rescue me from the moon in a rocket ship. Hmmmmmmm wonder why I was there???

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luann said...

love the kids. Sara is learning fast and talking alot. Nicky and his story..maybe granny is like an invisible friend. And you really do belong on the moon, thank god your kid wants to rescue you, i would just leave ya there!!!!!