Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

Well, lets just say this past week has been a little wacky.
Last Wed. nite I had to get S to the DR for, what I found out, was Croup. she was sick for days. Then Fri. I had to take N. to the same DR for a cough. "Just a cough w/ conjestion" I was told.
Then yesterday I had to take N. BACK to the DR. Now he has a double ear inf. and "tight"lungs and a fever. Which means......Antibiotics, nebulizer treatments, cough medicine and tylenol. So I am home today wondering why I am not locked up in a rubber room somewhere twitching.


luann said...

my poor nicky.....feel better!

Denise said...

oh! Take care of my babies for me!!!
I'll keep them in my prayers!
Love ya's!!!