Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hmmmmmm Saturday was interesting....

Well, Sat. was a little interesting. I was suppose to go to the movies w/the sis. I was tired and took a look around the house and decided that I really needed to work on it while the kids weren't home.
I made the mistake of calling the bro. He told me of his plans with the sis in law, and I totally invited myself.
We went to dinner at the Boulder Creek which was very good, I had a pina colada. Mmmmm, then they had planned to go to a strip club together and I invited myself to join in the fun.
I wasnt sure how my bro was going to feel about me being there and he said he was ok w/it. When we got there it was boring. Noone was really doing anything, however it WAS only 730. so I saved my dollars.
When it got a little later however, all the girls came out and a bunch of men came in. We found out that the girls where having a meeting in the back when we first got there. Who knew, stripper meetings. I would have loved to been there.

" So, you in the black, you need to shake your ass a little more out there, come on lets pick up the pace"
"And you, you need the 5 inch heels that you can see through not the colored ones, duh!"

Anyway, a few lap dances later, (for them, not me) I found myself sitting next to the stripper that gave the lap dances. She was very nice, and we talked about our lives. STRIPPERS ARE PEOPLE TOO YA KNOW! Although she was feeling up my leg alot. I dont care What Laura says she WAS into me for me.
I did however drink a wee bit more than I normally do. OK alot more but it was fun. But the next day Sucked!! with a capital S. I had to work and I was exausted and hung over. I slept awfull and had wierd dreams, and woke up with a huge headache. Why do people do this on a regular basis? oh, yea they are drunks...

All in all, I think it wasn't too embarrasing for the bro, fun for me and a good stress reliever.
Speaking of stress, the b-friend wouldnt join me but then proceeded to start a fight b/c he thought I was trying to make him jealous. sigh....just a matter of time for us I suppose. He was very nice at work on Sunday, after I told him that he was being an idiot. He said he knew, but he loves me and doesnt want to loose me. He will, its just a matter of when.
HooHumm fun is over...till next time.

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