Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Uggggggggg...Why do I feel this way???

Ok so the divorce is final. We all know this. He is a bonified, selfish, arrogant jerk. Yes. So WHY oh WHY does it bother the crap out of me so much that he is going to florida in july with miss skanky whore?? To her brothers wedding no less.

Is it because I still love him? regardless of all the stuff that has happened??
Maybe because he gets to go w/his g-friend and I dont go with anyone?
Or is it b/c I know it will be a LONG time until me and S go on vaca together
Or possibly because I know in my heart that this florida trip should be me and him and the kids visiting my parents

I dont know, but I do know that i HATED, HATED, HATED the way it made me feel when he told me. and i thought I was suppose to be over "this" and moving on.....not lingering around thinking up evil things to happen to them.
(Although I already put an Italian jinx on her to get a bad sunburn so she cant even wear a bra, and then look like a lobster in all her brothers wedding pictures and ruin them all.) So she better watch out!
( And he of course will get a bad case of the gout and cant wear his dress shoes and can only limp. So he wears his sneakers with his suit and looks like a real idiot!!)

See nothing too bad, just enough to make me feel better.
(yes, i am in junior high school)

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Tom R said...

hello Stacy
It is normal the way you feel. Although your divorce is final that does not mean he is out of your. Until your kids are older unfourtunally he will always be around in some copasity. Being that as it may these angry and bitter feeling toward this horific man will go away. I know this first hand being in a simular situation. You have to focous all those negitve feeling and turn them around and put them into your current situation with S. if you dwell on this rotton may it may very well destroy any future you have with the new b friend. My best advise to you is to remeber he gave up on your mariage not the other way around. When he is miserable with his new g friend and it will happen you can remind of that.