Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I want to move....
I want to move in the worse way, so bad its all I think about.
When I pay the bills and realize that I am drowning in debt.
When he walks into my house like he still lives here....
When he throws in my face at any given moment that it is half his house too, meanwhile I am the one barely getting by.
Its too big to keep up on.

The reasons I feel I cant move:
It is in his family (although it didnt stop him from leaving it)
Security of my neighbors
Peace of mind about where my kids play.
Fear of loneliness (my bro is the only one left here)
I am proud to be a home owner.

The reasons why I HAVE to:
My sanity!

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Anonymous said...

read your blog! i am still here you know, another month!