Sunday, May 27, 2007

15 Favorite things about my children.....

1. N. has the best giggle in the world, and he is the easyest to get it out of.

2. N kisses his sister on the head before she goes to bed.

3. S "reads" Goodnight Moon to me every night.

4. They smell so great after a bath.

5. They have the best manners. (people have actually told me that)

6. They are old enough now to entertain themselves or eachother for a time...sigh...

7. They both look sooo cool in a hat and sunglasses.

8. N. knows all the planets and tells them to me regularly.

9. S is N's "echo" to N's dismay.

10. They both are on a great bedtime schedule and stick to it! 8pm I'm free!!

11. S is scared of a "powpow" and it works for now.

12. N was laying on the grass, under his slide, picking grass and sweet.

13. S. has a clean-up song and i hear her singing it everytime she cleans up :)

14. They protect eachother.

15. They are gorgeous! and mine!

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~Denise aka NYNative said...

YAY! I LOVE posts like this one!!
I get to see them in 4 weeks!!!!!