Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On Vaca..

Here i am on Vacation, waiting for my neice to come back from her orientation of her new school. She was very nervous when she left here but my sis stayed with her. I told her to be herself, and dont try to hard, and dont have an attitude b/c everyone will expect her to. She will be fine eventually.

My week is going good. I went to the beach on Sun. with the folks. That was an ordeal, too much crap to bring. I went in the beautiful water, where I can actually see my feet!! I did some "wave jumping" (picture that). Me and dad were there together, although dad was in up to his thighs and really to just laugh at me when i get knocked over a dozen times. Salt water taste like crap (or salt). Did get a little sunburned though. It dont hurt anymore.
Monday the sis went to work and me and the neice went to get our nails done, and hung w/ the folks. Then we went to dinner with them and the sis later that day.

Tuesday went to the pool with the folks and the nephews. What a nightmare. It was obvious that dad had it with the boys. They dont listen to him much so he spends alot of time yelling at them. He has said a few times already that he cant wait until they go back to school. I really couldnt wait to get back to the apt. I really didnt enjoy myself much. I cooked dinner for the sis, so after we ate we would have time to go down to the beach. It was way nicer at night, cooler, less people, more parking. I relaxed more last night than any other so far. No one argueing, or nit picking at eachother. Then we hit Barnes and Nobel for the neice. My next favorite place. then icecream, cant get much better than that.

Today we are suppose to go down to the boardwalk for a while with the folks. Then i think i may actually go to dinner with my brother. I called him last night and put in dibs for tonight. So that will be nice, i hope.

So that about covers it for now. Vaca is winding down, miss everyone and i kindof got the feeling of what it would be like if i lived here. Lonely, annoying at times, and very very different.
Glad i am coming home soon.

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