Sunday, August 26, 2007


Just an update..... My sis in law in Texas had a baby girl!! So happy for her!! Sydney Paige, too cute. Makes me ALMOST want another one, then they start to grow up and its all over.

This weekend I went to dinner w/the b-friend and then we watched the movie "300" Very good, not a chick flick by no means, but very good.

Today the ex dropped off the kids and i decided to ask him a few questions. We were deciding what to enroll N. in this fall, tennis or golf. Guess which one the ex chose?? Too bad N chose tennis. I asked him where he was moving, he said Islip Terrace. The kids will have their own room, and its closer to his work and the kids daycare. He says he's moving in Sept. So I asked him if that means that he will take them on the Friday before his weekend and and he says yea. We shall see.

I dropped them off at his apt. on Friday night and i am waiting in the parking lot for him, and i thought "well this is ridiculous" I got out and the kids started running across the lawn toward the apt. So we got to an apartment and N is yelling "daddy daddy" and he walks into an apt. Well it wasnt the right one. Good thing the people where very nice and knew him already. So he finally went to the right apt, and he came to the door and said" oh, i thought you would be later" Whatever. Of course N says " Wheres Kristina" and the ex says "shes not here". So we chatted a second and that was it.
I was very proud of myself, and i think this proves to my self that i am soooo over this whole thing.
If she was there, i think i would have wanted to talk to her b/c i do want to thank her for being so nice and accepting of my kids. Alot of women wouldnt be.
Man do I sound healthy and well rounded. Im not even in therapy anymore.
Or maybe i am actually Moving ON.......

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