Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ahhh the drama.............

So i went food shopping w/ the kids yesterday from work. (which i hate doing anyway)N. sat in the front of the wagon in the red car, and S. sat in the seat in the front of the wagon. First of all, those carts are a bitch to push, then when you have a 40 pound block in front of you saying "mommy" "mommy" "mommy" 550 times, you tend to run into things (on purpose). I stole 2 apples and a bannana. I admit it. Cant yell MOMMY w/food down their throats.

After we got home my little man says in the most adorable voice "mommy where is my Leapster bag"?? Um in the car my little angel from above. UH"No mommy it isnt". So I searched the car and found NOTHING. So I asked my sweet prince if he left it in the wagon and he said "I think so"
"YOU did WHAT?? Son of a *****. I cant believe this, you lost it!!! ***%*$$@@###****!!!!. So mommy got to drive back to the store 10 min away and hope that noone stole the bag w/ at least $200 worth of games in it. My bro came over to watch the kids for a minute, or 20.

Well thanks be to the Lord, it was still there. In the dark, unseen, untampered with. That boy dont know how lucky he was last night.

Ihave the Home & Garden open house tomorrow night. Lets all hope it goes well and I can make some $$$.
All for now...

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