Friday, May 23, 2008

Here we go again..........

Ok so its been a loooooong time and i really wasn't going to blog again.

But the funny thing is, things that were going on in my life, i always thought to myself, "I wish i was still going to therapy to see what she would say". Well since i'm not anymore, (not covered under my ins.) I decided to blog again. That is really my other type of therapy and everyone is so good at giving advice. (hint hint)

So being that I havent bloged since Thanksgiving I cant possibly begin to tell everyone what has been going on in my life. I'll try to give you the cliffnotes:

Moms still sick, had a masectomy and is now in radiation. They are moving back at the end of Aug.

Sis is moving back June 13th, my niece is coming back June 9th :)

My bro Joe from Fla. visited in Jan. met the b-friend and my daughter that he never seen before. Good visit, too short. Havent talked to him since. Always the way with him

Had both kids b-day parties. Went over good. Will post pix.

Sis-in-law from texas came to visit with baby girl niece. The best baby ever. Miss her desperately.

Broke up with said B-friend this week. Which probably brings me back to why i'm blogging. I thought i moved on, but apparently i just backed up.

I think that may bring us up to date. I am sure i missed a few things, but i will mention them here and there.

Oh and by the way, the dark haired kid on the parallel bars in the picture, no idea who he is. uploaded accidentely.
The pictures are of the N b-day party


~Denise AKA NYNative said...

awwww I miss you more!!!
and I've missed your blogging, so glad you are back! Sorry about the circumstances though...
Although, I never did get a good vibe from him anyway.

Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

Stacy I'm glad you're blogging. Now I can look forward to reading yours and Denise's. I'm glad your family is coming back to you. I always felt bad that your mother left and your sister. My Lisa is a single mom going to nursing school and I'm right next door which makes it easier for her. So I'm glad your mom is coming back. Love Aunt Pris