Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lets hear it for Summer!!!...............

We had a Beach day today......I hate the beach with a passion. Shocking being that i live on Long Island. But i never liked the beach. Too much stuff : chairs, blankets, towels, toys, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks (which i never bring BTW). and a change of clothes for the kids , (which i forgot). When i was younger i also brought music, and a book. Now i bring my camera instead. Can't take my eyes off the kids for a second, i found out today.

Then going home is the same as above but add wet sand and tired cranky kids to that mix. Sigh.....I'm tired thinking about it, i need another nap.

Anyway. N. woke up this am saying "mommy its summer its June, can we go to the beach ??" Mind you it was 8am. So i held him off for a couple hours but lo and behold, by 10:30 guess who was heading for the beach?

I have to say, they were amazing!!! S. was afraid at first, it took about 10 min and alot of back and forth for her to get brave to put a foot in. (see above picture)

But once she got used to it, She had a blast! N was loving it from the first minute we got there.

S. did however fall while she was in the water....and whined but never cried. I went and got her. She kept her head above water though Good Girl! I thought she would be turned off but she jumped right back in.

There is also a big playground over there as well. So i cleaned them up as much as possible and we went to play for a while. and wrapped it up at Burger King. Yeah!!

We really did have a fabulous time. When we got home i washed them down and we all took naps

Geeze I was tired! It was fun, i guess i would do it again, for the kids ofcourse. :)

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