Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pass it ON

So not too much here. The summer is going fast. I booked a flight for the folks for August 2nd, and the sis is moving out on August 1st. So that gives me a whole half a day to clean the room and wash the sheets. I spoke to mom this am and she is feeling better, although she is on the off week of her chemo meds. She starts them over on Thurs.

Her friend from Fla, Val e-mailed me the other day and wanted to know if i knew how serious my moms cancer was?? Of course i said i did, but i researched it anyway.
I went to Utube.com and put in "inflamatory breast cancer"and a video came up. A few actually. It went into big details about the whole thing. It also says that only a 25%-50% of people survive and usually you live 18mo-5yrs depending on if it spread. Which my moms already did. Yikes!! It also said that it is virtually undetectable from thje outside and it doesn't look like cancer on the mamo. You can tell b/c your breast will develop a reddened area that resembles a bug bite or a boil maybe. Which most Dr's tend to diagnose it as. But it will spread and get redder and more painful. That is where the cancer cells are migrating to in masses.
The pictures were scary, i have to say.
I really cant wait for them to get here, just so i can hug her, if nothing else.
Please Pass It On! and go to the web site.

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