Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What a weekend!!!!!

OMG We had such a busy and fun weekend!

I had bought tickets to a Beauty and a Beast breakfast at the Gateway theater for me, S and my Niece.

So we are all excited and S dressed up in her princess dress and a tiara and I wore my tiara too. ( what, you dont own a tiara?) It was a beautiful day and the breakfast was outside and under a tent. It was a huge breakfast and all was going well until the characters started coming out. Ms Potts was first, and S started to cry. She was actually scared of Ms Potts! She was so sweet and came up to S and tried to talk to her, she even showed her that she was wearing purple boots. S was not having it.

The clock and candle stick came out too but she wasn't scared of them.

She really wanted Belle and when they came out, they went under a tent where is was cooler. So we went over there to see them and the Beast was with her. Well i am officially deaf in my left ear, from the ear piercing scream my daughter let out when she saw the beast. Followed by tears, holding her ears and screaming "lets get outta here!!!" . She really wanted to see Belle and i didn't want to leave w/out a picture. Belle was very sweet and came out from under the tent to take a picture with her for me. S said to her " Hi Belle, guess what? I have a brother NIcky and he is at home" Awwwww an honorable mention. So she got her picture and my Niece got hers as well.

After we got home, we took naps and we headed to a b-day party for N. It was his "g-friend" Alyssa's pary and he wouldn't miss it for the world!! It was at a place called Bouncers and Slydos and it was a room filled with those huge bouncing things and blow up slides. They had a blast! Until the life size Spongebob and winnie came out and S took off to the highest slide possible and sat with a staff member until they left.

Then on Sunday N had his "Moving up Ceremony". OMG what an amazing job they all did. There was songs and poems, they all did so well, and I heard N voice the loudest (shocking i know). Yes i teared up more than once. He was soooo proud of himself and when he got his "diploma" he went to center stage, held out his arms and said "tada" He was the last one to get it, so it was the perfect ending.

The Y set up a breakfast in the cafeteria so we all went in there to eat, and take pictures. I was a little sad b/c i knew that he wouldn't see these kids again since he was staying out for the summer. But i pulled through.

We came back to the house and had a little cake for him. It was really fun.

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