Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who are you....and what did you do with my MOM!

So that was my first thought when I saw her in the car... Gray and frail....and so pathetic sitting in my bro's car. So i helped her out as gently as i could and hugged her. It felt like a was hugging a skeleton and my first thought was .."I need to get some weight on this woman!"

She was just plain exhausted. Very long day. She couldn't get up the stairs, all 3 of them, with out picking up her leg herself. She walked sooo slow. She also couldn't get on and off the tolilet either. No strength to push herself up.
She did sit outside in the front for a while and i made her a protein shake w/a banana in it. It took a while but she did finish it.
My bro had a BBQ so we walked her from the front to the back to sit outside to eat. Well she downed a hamburger, a small piece of steak, potato salad, and coleslaw. On top of her shake.
Well excuse me!!! was someone a little hungry?? She just started eating again on Thursday so i guess she was making up for lost time.
After dinner she came inside and sat in the recliner chair and layed back and took a much needed nap. She looked very old and frail then....which scared me a little.

On Sunday i picked up the kids from their dads. I told them not to jump on nana cuz she is sick. But you can hug and kiss her all you want.
Well the girl pipes up with " well mommy if nana is sick and we kiss her, won't we catch it??"
Good point from the 3yr old. So i told her NO she is sick on the inside and she cant catch it.
When we get home the folks are sitting on the front porch and she already looks 10x better. The kids run up to them and hug and kiss them. Then the girl says "Nana mommy says your sick, whats wrong with you?" Mom laughed and said she has a belly ache. And she accepted that, in her little 3yr old mind
She already has my poor dad on the floor playing games.
So MOnday morning i have to work so i come downstairs at 5:30 and mom is up and made coffee already. Looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed. and she was folding laundry she did too. You go mom! After work i made tacos for dinner. She had one and a hotdog too. (craving i guess) Dad said she ate alot that day too. So she is definetly getting her strength back.

We are going for a mani today. She is looking forward to it she says.
Its slow moving but i think she is doing much better.
Thanks for all your prayers...

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