Thursday, August 07, 2008

Humpty Dumpty.............

Well we did go for the mani i talked about. They came out beautifully. So i leave her on the side walk with strict instructions "Dont move, I'm going to get the car"
Now it was 4 cars in, not far. Took me less than a minute to walk there. I get in, start it, put on the air.
So know its been 2minutes

I back up go to the end of the isle and look at mom........Well where is she????? ON THE GROUND!!! Yes my mother fell apparently over her own shadow. There is a man standing over her, hopefully not robbing her. Which was my first thought. Sigh...... I get out, and squat down next to her. No being a nurse i know not to immediately move her, so i checked her out first. Nothing broken, that i can tell. The man said that he heard her head it the ground, no blood or even a bump for that matter. I sat her up and she said her lower back hurt. I asked if she wanter to go to the ER for her head and she said no of course. Now some people would say "well just make her go" And under any other circumstances i would. But this woman has been through so much BS in the last 8 months i couldn't force her to go sit in the ER for hrs and get a CAT Scan that would probably show nothing and make her sick, b/c she is claustrophobic.
We went to get my dad who was visiting a friend, and at first mom didn't want to tell him. But of course she did.
The first thing he said was "WHERE WERE YOU??!!" So of course i said "I was behind her pushing her down!" I WAS GETTING THE CAR WHAT DO YOU THINK I WAS DOING???
So she came home and took some Motrin and has really been lounging around ever since.
So i have just been keeping an eye on her, Hope for the best and expect the worse........

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