Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, school is closed, thanks to the Jewish holiday. *grrr*, I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but trying to entertain them on a normal day they would be at school is quite annoying. I have to do it tomorrow too. double *grrr*.
Right now they are watching Noggin (thank you to whoever invented that channel), It looks like it is going to rain, but i would like to get them outside for a little while before that happens. The good news is that there father is coming to get then for a visit later. Sigh......of relaxation.
One day I hope to be able to be crafty and engage my children in some very fun and educational things to do, so they can go back to school and tell all their friends how much fun they had on their day off!!
But for now, maybe the park and playing ball ouside and alot of hugs...It will have to do.
So Aunt V came over last night for our pizza date. I LOVE her. I wish she was mine but unfortunately she is my ex husbands, but you will never know it.
She treats me and my kids like I am her family, and we really truly enjoy her company and no matter what i am going through in life, I always feel better when she leaves.
We do tend to talk about my ex, her nephew, when she is here. I try to update her because we dont talk and chat on the phone. That is the only part I dont like, but is a necessary part of the visit. It usually makes me bring up things that already happened and i get all aggravated again. BUT,,,I do feel better hearing her opinion on the situations.
So she brought me a b-day gift. It isn't until the 7th (not looking forward to it). It is a new book series that she thinks I will enjoy. I cant wait to read them, she said they are better that the Karen Kingsbury series I have been reading. (BTW if you havent read any of her books go get them NOW! NOW! well after you finish reading this)
I thought that was very nice of her.
Thats about it for the moment, the kids are VERY quiet, thats never good.....must go peek.....

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