Friday, September 26, 2008

Too funny

My kids are too funny.
My daughter S is 3 1/2 and talks and acts like she is 16. But sometimes she surprises me and actually says things that a 3yr old would say.

I told my dad we were going to run errands, so he asked "where are you going for errands?" so S says very exasperated "to the errand store poppop" sigh....

I told her that we were going to the dollar store and she says "What are we getting there mommy? dollars?" Hee hee

I bought her new jeans with sparkles on them and I put on a shirt that has the word "princess" on it with pink sparkles and her shoes has little sparkles on them. So she looks at herself and says "mommy I am very shiny today. I look like a rockstar." She did.

This morning she comes in the bathroom and says "mommy I ache." poor baby
There are so many more things she says and i cant keep up..but these are the most recent. She is too funny

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~Denise AKA NYNative said...

you've gotta redo this post!
It's killing me that I can't see it!!!!