Monday, October 20, 2008

Quite the Weekend.......

So my folks left Saturday AM for a visit to Queens, Ahhhh almost back to normal.

I had a weekend planned with the kids for a while now, and they were excited to go.

On Saturday St. Joseph's College had their yearly Carnival. So i planned to get there early befor it got too packed. Didnt happen, it started at 11am, i was there at 11:05am. It was already wall to wall people. I was looking for some carnival rides for them. The girl kept saying she wanted to go on a roller Coaster, Hmmm. Well all they had was 2 of the blowup bouncy things, which the girl kept getting stuck on cuz she was too small. So after 20min of that i took/dragged them under a tent to go table to table for some crafts. Now i know how those poor sardines feel shoved into a can with no breathing/wiggling room.

Packed is an understatement, and long lines for anything fun like face painting. So the boy painted a material bag for trick or treating. cute until i look down and realize that the wet paint got EVERYWHERE. I suppose i wasn't holding it right and the breeze made it fly around in my hand. So now there is paint on my jacket, kids jacket, and my coach bag that i loved! (it was fake, no biggie) not to mention all our hands, as i didnt realize it when i touched the kids. *SIGH* but i held it together and found another bag to put it into. I wonder how many other peoples clothes got ruined after my bag ran into them.

Then we went over to the steps and enjoyed a dance routine from some college students. The girl loved it, the boy........not impressed.

We made a few more crafts and took some pictures of some people in costumes. The girl happen to run into Snow White and we got a pix for her. They did have some lawn games too that they enjoyed. I was bored, but they seem to have fun for a little while. It was just TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Sunday was fun. I took the kids to Church....oh, did I say church? I meant Chucky Cheese.

No i'm kidding, i did take them to church.

It came about this way: I was sitting on the couch watching Joel Osteen and getting my butt kicked at the 2nd game of Candyland and the thought came to me that I should take them to church. I have been wanting to for a while but i was waiting for the urge to beat them when they dont listen, passed.

So I told them we were going and the girl says "Yeah Church" and the boy says " I dont wannnnnna goooooooo"

So majority ruled and we went upstairs to get dressed and the girl was so happy she got to wear a dress. That alone should make her wanna go every Sunday.

We got to church on time *wahoo* and they sat so good. Like Angels. Until the boy decided the the pews were so soft he couldn't resist laying on them.

So while the boy layed, the girl and I danced to the music. Then they have a childrens sermon and they get swept away to the back for Sunday school. (On the phone with her daddy last night, the girl said she went to "monday school" at church) hee hee

After church, i went to get them and they had a coffee club. the kids enjoyed some donuts and milk.

We finally got to go Pumpkin Picking. Yeah!!! I asked them if they wanted to go and the girl said "yeah Pumpkin Picking" and the boy said "I dont wannnnnnna goooooooooo" Again majority ruled and the off we went. It was sooo cold. But they had fun and I had Roasted Corn Mmmmmm Yummo.

Then we went to Friendly's for lunch cuz they were so good in church and we headed to Aunt LuLu's to bring them the pumpkins we got them. The kids were so excited to surprise them with the pumpkins.

We really had a busy and fun weekend.

PS Thanks to Mother Nature for letting that happen.

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