Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cleaning Challenge

So if anyone knows me they know I hate to clean. Just ask my ex.(no don't please).
Growing up ,me and my sis shared a room and my mom called me Oscar and her Felix from "The Odd Couple" how sad.
That is why, since i moved into this house, I have had a cleaning lady. My first one was Sandra. Lovely Spanish woman who did a fantabulous job! You could be blind, and when you walked into the house after she was here, you would know it just from the clean smell. She was with me over a year and she had to move back to her country.
I was in mourning :(
I have had 3 since her and it has never been the same. Each person left out something she used to do. This last one, God bless her, broke more stuff and asked for more cleaning stuff than all of them put together. I had bought 3 different mops for her in 1month, then she ended up using her own. Grrrrrrr.
On Sunday she called me to confirm Monday she was coming. She then told me that since my parents have been here she has been taking longer to clean the house, more stuff and its everywhere, (tell me about it) So she asked if she can raise the price to $100.00 YIKES.
So this leads up to this: In this Economic Crisis we are in, i decided to clean this house myself. On a REGULAR BASIS. *sigh*
So i sat down last night and wrote a weekly schedule for myself. I have to or it wont get done. Here it is:
Monday: livingroom
Tuesday Downstairs bathroom
Wednesday : Upstairs bathroom
Thursday: Kitchen floor/Kitchen
Friday: Dining room
Saturday make sure laundry is done and do accourdingly
Sunday (wish it was a day of rest ) Clean kids room set up clothes for wk
Vaccum as needed throughout the week.

So i put alot of thought into my list and my days. Today, being Monday i started with the living room. I picked up toys, moved back the couches,& vaccumed the floor. Then i went in the closet and got a smaller vac that you can put on your shoulder and walk around with. It has a long hose with a little vac head. I love it, and forgot I had it. It reminds of the movie "GhostBusters" so i sang the theme song as i vaccumed the wood floors and nooks and crannies. Man, do I have alot of crannies. Then i dusted. Hmmmm thinking I should have done that first.
You would think that my MOTHER that was sitting in the recliner chair WATCHING this whole thing happen woulda mentioned that.
I then lit a candle, vanilla. and put everything back where it was.
and collapsed on the couch. But somehow it didn't look as nice as when she did it. But it was done.
I hated every minute of it. But it was done.
lets see how long i can hold was I spoiled...

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Faith said...

Hey I got your comment...way cool! Thought I'd drop by and return the favor. Thank you ever so much for reading my little ol blog. Yours is just lovely and Denise is one of my favorite people, too! *GRIN*

Oh and on the cleaning thing....OH MY. I would LOVE to be spoiled, but I can't imagine paying 100 to have my house cleaned. I'd rather be the one getting paid to clean other peoples houses...LOL...while my own suffered...haha. I don't actually care for the cleaning myself but the money...that i could care about...haha. good luck getting your cleaning done....