Sunday, November 16, 2008


It is AMAZING to me that my mom has been in the hospital all week. I have taken off all week so my dad wont have to worry about my son and I can go up to the hospital and be her advocate. Lord know that hospital has screwed up enough stuff.
But yet when the weekend comes, Not 1 person in my family (dad excluded) offered to watch my kids for a lousy hour so I can go up to see my mom. But yet they ALL ask me whats going on with her. There are also certain family members that feel the need to bring company up there and butt in to whats going on. Yet knows NOTHING of what is going on.
Amazing. It is what it is I guess........Shouldn't surprise me


Anonymous said...

you are truely a delusional selfish person. company ...LMAO it is you who knows nothing. What about your "friends" non of those wack jobs could watch your kids for a lousy hour? Did you even bother to ask family.

fran said...

OK I thought about it and relized I should have said who this was typing the comment, well it's fran lauras sister.First the last thing on your fathers mind should be watching YOUR child when his wife is as ill as she is/was and inthe hospital. Your child your responsibility. I know you didnt like my mother going up to see your mom, but guess what too bad. Your mother needed/needs all the support she can get. She was glad my mom came and even asked for her after the first visit. Butting in and not knowing whats going on you are too delusional.You want to be so self important and guess what it is not about you.
DID you ask family to watch your kids??? Hey how about your friends they couldn't or how about this bf of yours wasnt he there for you either. you really have issues and need help