Monday, November 17, 2008

She is home.........

So i am minding my own business, taking my son to school and going to run errands when i get a phone call from Dad. Mom is discharged. OK WHAT??
REALLY??? Well we can get her whenever we want and the DR wants mw to call him. So I did. Nothing new, except that she is startin asprin, which she has been on all along. But now they worry cuz of the risk of bleeding. Not that they would be able to tell cuz it would be in her brain. Duh.
So she went to her first Radiation appt @ 2pm, and she will get a schedule there.
So this new part of her life starts.
I signed N up for after care at school. I dont want my dad to worry about picking N up with all moms appts she will be going to.
Oncologist, Neurologist, primary DR, radiation, Diabetic DR. AHHHH !! So thats about it for now. We will see how it goes.

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