Sunday, November 16, 2008

A few Positives

I am trying to keep positive now, so I decided to blog a few things that i love.

1. I love that with every princess movie my daughter watches, she will say "oh, my goodness!!! On, no!!" Like she has never seen it before in her life.

2. I love that my son is sooo proud of himself that he figured out how to snap with both hands and has been "practicing" all weekend.

3. I love that when i look out my back window i still get a view of yellow and red leaves, even in the middle of November.

4. I love that my daughter WANTS to go to church and jumps up and down when I tell her we are going.

5. I love that i was able to take my son to and from school all week, even though it was because of bad circumstances

6. I love my own quiet time. (havent had any this weekend but love it when i do)

7. I love the Food Network. (thanks D)

8. I love, truly love my b-friend.

9.I love my daughter in Sweater dresses! too cute

10. I love taking my kids to things at the school. I want them involved. And they have fun.

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