Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It is a freaking blizzard here!!
Anywho, moms CAT scan of her abdomen came back clean yesterday. WAHOO! Her BS has been good and they changed her bag of Glucose to Normal Saline just for hydration, yesterday. Her sugar has been good on plain water, and she has been eating very good. She says she actually likes hospital food. (I told her i am a little offended that she wont eat my food but she eats HOSPITAL food sigh....) she just laughed.
So dad went to get her b/c she is discharged. She has her PET scan on Friday and an appt with the radiologist on Monday.
They still want to move out on Saturday even though i did offer for them to stay here.(Although acourding to some people i am a selfish, self centered, brat)
TheDR also ordered an appetite stimulate as well, so hopefully it continues to help.
So thats about it for now
I'll keep updating.

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