Thursday, January 01, 2009


I hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve. I did, it was boring actually. The b-friend worked at the club so i spent it with my folks.
I try to never make resolutions, because like most people, i end up breaking them by Feb 1st. So i just live life, like i would want to ,whether it is Jan1st or not.
I'm ALWAYS on the weight loss battle.
I don't really drink, so I can't vow to stop that. same as drugs.
I do try daily to have more patients, especially with the kids.
I can try to curb my potty mouth :)
I think i'm a good girlfriend, and daughter, but I am sure i can work on improving something in that area. (but these past 5 months prove the daughter thing)
Hmmmm........I would like to get my finances in order, maybe get some more.
Wow i guess i have alot to do. It's a short 12months if you think about all you have to do on a daily basis.
Hope all of my loved ones have a safe, healthy and prosperous year.
Dont make any resolutions, just live your life the way you see fit.
Moving ON...................

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