Saturday, January 10, 2009

Modern Technology

A few of my friends have been bugging me to join Facebook. Its an online chatting thing. So i kept putting it off thinking that i will only be "talking" to them on it and how boring is that being that i already talk to them on a regular.
So i finally gave in. I joined. When you do, you make a profile about yourself. So I put in my highschool that i went to in Texas and BOOM!! my BFF from my life in Texas pops up. Wow i havent seen/talked/thought about her in ages. So i put my cell # in and in 10min we are chatting like it hasn't been 20 yrs.
Then i saw a few of my other friends that i havent even thought about and now they are my "friends" too. (you have to invite people to be your friend or be invited, its not an automatic)
My other friend that i "ran into" is Melissa. OMG it has been so long.
So i was on Facebook and we started to chat via IM. (its all very technical) and then she called me and it was so much fun hearing from her again.
I was telling her how weird it is with me, some people can remember everythig from kindergarten on.
Not me, i have bits and pieces, dribs and drabs of different fazes of my life.
Sometimes when i try to think back my mind is liks swiss cheese.
I remember ALL the names of my friends on facebook and even though they all have pictures posted, i cant remember most of them. Well, i remember them but not actual things we did together, just that they were there.
I remember specifically Joani (BFF) Melissa, Cyndi, Misty (i always got in trouble with her) Tammy (we cant find her on Facebook). These people i have real BIG memories of.
Then i have names of friends that i cant remember specifics but i know they were there. Hmmmm I've always been like this so i know its not early dementia setting in.
So Melissa is great, still,and moved to Missouri. She sound like she has a great life there. I hope all my friends are doing well.
Well, its snowing here still and i just put the kids turn
Sweet Dreams

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Melissa said...

It was amazing talking to you also.... Can't believe how much u sound the same...LOL... I love the computer... when i can figure it out...LOL that must be that whole dementia thing setting in. But i do know what you mean how some people just really stick out in your mind and there are those that you remember kinda and know that they were that, but can't possibly think why you remember them... well now that we have found each other again i hope that we do not loose contact... it was wonderful talking to you and hope that we can do it more often....