Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Kids........

As i have always said, i think my kids are hysterical. My son says things so deadpan and when i crack up he says "What mommy? Why you laughing??"
My daughter is a riot but in a smartass kinda way (minime)
So we started a new routine for my son and school since grandpa moved out and he takes him.
Yesterday i was walking N to school and i decided to tell him the routine.
"N tomorrow when you get up you will go to aunt Lauras house. The she will take you and michelle to grandpas for a while, then grandpa will take you home and michelle will get on the bus and you will eat breakfast and get dressed and grandpa will take you to school ok??"
"Mommy? I have NO IDEA what your talking about!" I just cracked up. He said it so deadpan and serious. Then when I thought about it i can see why he was so confused.
So i was off yesterday and decided to make brownies, but i decided to make them into cupcakes instead. DONT DO THIS. There is a reason there is not a recipe for cupcakes in the back of brownie boxes. They came out so hard and the paper stuck. Just awful. note to me, next time use cake batter.
So after dinner S was bugging me about them (before she tasted them of course)
"mommy i want a cupppppcakkkkkeeeeeee. Mommy, mommy ???"
"S. you have to wait until dinner is over for everyone. If you dont stop, i'll eat them all!"

Well my child glared at me and yelled "you DO NOT eat all the cupcakes mommy!!"
My b-friend said "Oh, no you cant talk to mommy like that, that's not nice"
"Well Mommy said she will eat all the cupcakes and she CANT DO THAT!!!!!"
So finally i said "S go in the kitchen i will get them in a minute"
She turned around and left the living room, turned around in the doorway and said
"Just remember, I warned you!" eyed squinted and all.
WHAT?? Was I just threatened by a 3 yr old? What is she going to do? Break my knee caps?? I was laughing so hard i couldnt even respond though. Nice encouragement huh??
(Her tune changed when she tasted them though, she actually gave it back)
Moving on............


Mother Letter said...

Good stuff. Those three year olds have made me fear a time or two.

Thanks for coming around the run-a-muck. Maybe we can get this funny thing rolling and help each other laugh a lttle.


Blue Castle said...

That's hilarious. She is probably at the best height to break your kneecaps. Gotta watch out for those little bullies. :)