Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rambling Post

I got this idea from a blog a read today. It was just bullets of what was in her head. I thought...."Hmmm i have useless information in my head, i can let out" So here it goes:

* I HATE playdoh. I think the person that made it should be shot. But before he is (must be a HE, b/c a woman would NEVER do this to another woman) HE should be made to clean it out of the carpet, on his hands and knees... (but i love the person that gave it to me)

*My daughter loves Choc chip pancakes. But i really am getting sick of making them everyday we are off together. But i can't look into her her big blue eyes and tell her NO. (well, i have but her crying drove me insane so I gave in)

* I really, really have to clean my house TODAY

* I am going to get my haircut and colored today and i cannot wait!! (it's the little things ya know)

* Everyday i wake up....stretch.....pee...get ready for work....make coffee and then it hits me: My mom is dying of Cancer...then i start my day with a very heavy heart.

* I really wish i can catch up with this dam Mortgage....Maybe my taxes will help.

* Can't wait till Spring!

*The dryer just stopped with the towels to fold sigh..... never ends

* I started to eat this new Greek Yogurt called Chobani. I add some kind cereal to it, and it comes with fruit on the bottom. Yummo! It fills you up for a while cuz it has 14gms of Protein in it. I eat it for lunch @ 11am and i filled till around 3:30 -4pm. I have recently turned my friend Nicole onto it and my sis. Try It

* My kids have Cabin Fever sooo bad!! It is too cold to throw them outside like i would normaly do. I would really feel bad if they get Pneumonia. Then I would have to take them to the DR and give them the medicine, and listen to them cough all night and keep me awake, then i am exausted all day at work, and give the wrong medication to someone and kill them...Well you get the picture. So i'll just endure the running around, and pray for peace..

* After watching Snow White several times i realize she really has a very annoying singing voice.

I think thats about it at the moment. I'm sure there is more to come....

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~Denise AKA NYNative said...

who would give a woman w/ 2 small children playdoh!!!???

and this part:
Everyday i wake up ....stretch.....pee...get ready for work....make coffee and then it hits me: My mom is dying of Cancer...then i start my day with a very heavy heart

I TOTALLY did the same thing; now, I wake up, stretch, pee, make coffee and then it hits me... and I have a heavy heart for the day too.
I'm sorry! :hug!: