Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I had mentioned once before that i joined "Facebook". I found some friends from my old life in Texas while on it.
It amazes me the contacts that i found.
Well, when i first moved back from Texas i worked in a Roy Rogers restaurant, I was 16.
I met alot of friends there but the best one was a guy named Fayton.
We became very good friends, but he ended up moving to California.
Well, you can see where this is going right??
I had a dream about him on Friday night. I havent talked to him in yrs, like 12 yrs. So on a fluke i put his name in Facebook and POOF***
Up he pops.
I went crazy!! I e-mailed him right away. He e-mailed me back and we have been chatting. I spoke to him last night for about 2 1/2hrs jsut catching up. He has had an amazing life so far. He is an actor and a writer, and has lived through some amazing medical issues. It was so good to here his voice again.
He cracked me up the whole night!!
It is amazing to me who you can find and find out about their lives.

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