Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dad Update

Yesterday i was in the hospital with dad from 12-5ish. My niece watched the kids. God bless her, she is the best. So after many tests they decided to ship him to Stonybrook Hospital for a cardiac cath. Glory Be!! I was overjoyed, Brookhaven hospital is the worse!!! I found they forgot to give him a med on Tuesday when he was there. I picked up the chart when the nurse put it down and read the top sheet of the MD orders. It said "Lasix 20mg STAT" Well that is a very important water pill. When i asked her if she gave it because i didnt recall her telling me, she says "oh, i didn't even see it". OMG!!!! how does "Rotella Memorial Hospital" sound??? By the time we are done here i will own the place.

Anywho..... he has moved and he got the procedure done last night. This afternoon when i went, we waited for the Cardiologist to come for a few hours. He got an Ecko in the AM.
So when he finally appeared he said that the Stints were in place in his heart (good thing) but he did have a minor heart attack. He spoke to the surgeon and it was decided he didn't need surgery Wahoo!! (that was me not the DR Wahooing). His heart beat is a little weak but they are switching around his meds, to give him something to strengthen it.
So they are keeping him overnight to continue to monitor him and make sure he can walk without being short of breath, then he can come home tomorrow.
I am going back to work tomorrow because my brother is off and he will pick him up.
We definately need to change his lifestyle, and mine too.

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