Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So as if my mom dying wasn't enough, my dad is now in the hospital.
He started with being short of breath yesterday. I left work and met my bro at home. We called 911. (sound familiar)
So right now, he has Pneumonia, so he is on antibiotics. They ran a ton of tests and his cardiac enzymes are elevated so they think that he had or was having a heart attack. He had no symptoms of that. The pulmonologist saw him and now they are saying that he has congestive heart failure (CHF).
So they are giving him a slew of meds and are going to transfer him to a different hospital for a Cardiac Catheterization to check the Stints that were put in his heart a million years ago. I have a feeling this is leading up to some sort of surgery. Yikes
when it rains it pours........
I WILL end up in the Bin when all is said and done ya know.
Please write.....

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