Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicky's Birthday

My Baby Boy is 6!6 OMG that is closer to 10 than 1. Uggggg I feel so old.
We all went to Friendly's to eat on Saturday. It was AWFUL! it took 2 FULL hours to eat and get dessert. Although they did give him a candle in his icecream and sang to him. Too Sweet

He starts T-ball in April and he asks me on a regular basis when the day is. His daddy set him up to play and practice. He loved it
We are having a b-day party for the both of them on Saturday. They can't wait!! Neither can I actually. It will be fun. Sister love

Mommy and sister love!!

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~Denise AKA NYNative said...

Ho.LY. COW! The boy looks like his daddy!!!