Sunday, April 05, 2009

B-day party ughhhh.....

Staring at the a "killer"cake

Nicky's g-friend

Well, there is something to be said about birthday parties outside the house. Yes they are a ripoff, however, after yesterday i will never have one in my house again. If i am talking about doing it again...someone PLEASE remind me of this post.

I took off Friday to start the festivities with cleaning my house from top to bottom, Well bottom to bottom, cuz i never touched my upstairs.
I was suppose to volunteer at the Book Fair at my sons school, but Mother of the Year that i am, i bailed... Couldnt do it..too much to do. I brought the boy to school then the girl to daycare. Then i hit Walmart for last minute things, then Stop and Shop for some more last minute things. (I made home made salads, very impressed with me i must say)

Came home and started cleaning about 12:50pm. Didnt stop until B came home with the girl at 4:00pm. Yes it took that long. Sad really. I also strainghtened up my dining room and my Avon stuff in the corner. I wasn't scrubbing the floors the whole time, geeze.

When the kids came in i picked them up and carried them to the runner in my laundry room to take off their shoes, wasn't walking on MY floor MAN..
Anywho...exhausted as i was i was going to cook dinner for the fam, but my awsome Beau said "oh, nooo i'm buying Pizza, you shouldn't have to cook after cleaning all day!" Wahoo, loving him..

So i was on the computer at the end of the day and BAM it hits me, and i start crying. So B says whats wrong?? I shrug. "Are you going to tell me?" No. So of course i did as i was sniffling and snotting on his sweater, i let it out.

I DONT wanna have a party without my mom. She is SUPPOSE to be here at my kids party!! Its not fair!! She is suppose to be here helping me clean.!!

So he says "well honey even though she is not physically here......"
So i yell, "I don't want all the heavenly crap! she is NOT here"

Ok, so you want reality? " IF she was here, she would be miserable and sick and not having fun anyway".

I say "well since it is MY unrealistic dream, IF she was here she would be well, and having a great time!" there.

So i moved on from my mini mental.

Saturday comes and i didnt realize how much i had to do until i sat down to eat breakfast.
straighten up the house (they do live here ya know)

make 3 different salads

bake cookies (good thing i did...tell ya later)

wrap presents

decorate the house

make hamburgers with hamburger maker

set up chips, soda etc...

Get kids and myself ready for this shindig

Well, i started most of the list and by the time my sister came over, she finished the decorations, went and got balloons for me :) finished dressing the kids.....

When some of guests started coming, i was still decorating. Ughhhh

Oh and B came over to "help" but he had to put the trampoline up and it took 3hrs yes 3! so he was outside most of the day, to no fault of his own. That thing was a pain.

So lets sum it up all the things that went wrong:

1Started late and wasn't ready when guest came

2Never cut the onions and lettuce for the burgers that B made for dinner

3Forgot the candles Had #3 and #5 funny huh, Yeah sis in law ran out( thanks man)

4When the cake was ready, My daughter burst into tears and had a melt down instead of blowing out candles

5 So the best part is when everyone started eating the cake, N says to me, "mommy the cake taste funny" Now, he eats nothings so i blew him off. until B says: Umm i think something is wrong with the cake, the pudding is bad" ahhh crap. "OK everyone stop eating the cake!!" Well, they were way ahead of me...

B called the store, gave them an earful, and went back there. He got our money back, and came back with a cheesecake and another kid cake. By then i had already handed out cookies (see good thing)

Uggghghg i was soooo embarrased. I know these kids from the kids class but barely know the moms, so i made quite the impression.

The best part of the night:
B and Aunt V. She walked out to greet him on the back steps and said "welcome home" and a few other emotional things and she started crying and B welled up a little. (they havent spoken since we broke up 3yrs ago) I wasn't quite sure how that was going to play out.

I fell right back into things with my father-in-law and his wife. I knew we would be fine.

Opening presents was a bit crazy, cuz i didn't seperate them too much so it was my own fault. All i kept hearing was N saying "is this one mine? how about this one??" yikes. my sis did help clean up before she left so that was good, not too bad this am.

So it was my first "get together" without my mom and with my ex (back together, that is) I think i held it together pretty good.

Till we do it again....


~Denise AKA NYNative said...

what??? No pix of the Aunt V and B reunion?? :)
I have a love/hate relationships w/ parties at the house too... last year for my "the girl" 60 people showed up!!! AAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK! oh yeah and my dad was a surprise walk in guest! ;)

Hey! need pix of the kids 'new' rooms!

Anonymous said...

Reading that made me tired. Glad I don't have to do that anymore. Hi Bryan. I'm glad you're back.

Aunt Pris