Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Bitter Sweet Mothers Day

So my mothers day was Bitter Sweet for obvious reasons.

The day started out wonderfully, I got to sleep till 9am, well actually however long i wanted , but I woke at 9. It was FABULOUS.

Then the love of my life asked what i wanted for breakfast. "Anything I wanted" Hmmmmm anything huh??? Well, I just got a muffin. I wanted to start easy on him being he had to spend most of the day with my family.

OH OH, let me back track a minute.

My real day started on Saturday night, with the most AMAZING gift from my honey. A gorgeous, beautiful, brand new it almost glowed.....COACH bag.....I named her ANGELINA cuz she is beautiful and looks like an ANGELINA.
(to quote my dad "it looks like a bag to me.)

Ok so back to the day. So after breakfast, The family went to the cemetary. When we got back we went to J&R Steak house for lunch. It was us and my dad. NOone else went.

That is when my daughter turned into a BEAST. Literally, transformed right in front of our eyes. UGGHHGG! In her defense, she was tired, because it was her nap time. But for crying out loud girl, give mama a break, it IS Mothers DAy, and i was mothering my Ass off, and beating hers at the same time.

She was whiny to begin with b/c it took forever to get seated and they were hungry. Understandable. Not helpful though.

During dinner she was getting bored, which led to more whining, and not sitting still.

She cried and screamed b/c she couldn't get the chocolate lollypop that I recieved from the restaurant. She screamed the whole way home. Thankfully was only 5min. When we got home she wanted to go on the trampoline which wasn't happening. She freaked! I literally carried/dragged her up the stairs. When we got to the top she took off down them again. This happened 2 times before i picked her up, put her in the bed, as she continued to scream and kick. I then spanked her again. B then came in and yelled at her and that quieted her down. (she apparently likes to listen to him).

Man i was spent!! I never saw such a meltdown from her.

She woke from her nap and came downstairs and started flipping out b/c B was mowing the grass and she hates that noise. I couldnt get her to stop whining and screaming, even when he was finished, so that led to another spanking and her being sent to her room

Man, what is WRONG with that child, (besides the fact she is a 4yr old girl)
I told B that i really want to like her today, but she is making it very difficult to do that.

So when she finally came to her senses, they went out to play, and the night ended very good.

Exhausting, but good.

And as bitter sweet as it was, i realize that i LOVE my family with all my heart. ALL of them. I will be forever grateful that we were ONE family on Mothers Day, when i needed it the most.

B is the most amazing man, and i love him more everyday.
I hope everyone had a great day as well.


~Denise said...

I love Sara's dress; tell her to take care of it so that when it is too small for her she can give it to her Cousin in TX! :)

I can't wait to meet Angelina! :D

I think it is high time you changed your blog description!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

There's hope for Sarah. Aunt Virg was like that as a child. Hi Bryan.
Love You. Aunt Pris