Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting hit by a BUS is just NO fun....

So you know when you watch a movie and they show when someone is close to death, their life flashes before their eyes??
Yeah, well that didn't happen.
In fact I lost all memory at all.
I remember nothing.
And its freaking me out.
Maybe that means that i wasn't that close to death, which is a little reassuring.
But getting hit by a bus, isn't as fun as it sounds... :)

I was drivng down the road going home, minding my own business, and all i remember is hearing a loud crunching noise, and seeing yellow coming into my car.
Although it never actually got in my car. It felt like it.
We were passing eachother on a very narrow road. I think he swerved and the tail end of him ( the bus) got my car. My front end of the drivers side, end mirror and glass shattering into the car. It was all very surreal, and like a movie.
He told me that I swerved into him, however wouldn't I hit him head on?
Anyway...S looked terrified with her hands over her ears, after we finally stopped. She saw that i was ok, and she was too, so she only cried for a second. I was so proud of her. If it was my son, he would still be crying.
A nice woman came and helped me out of the car, cuz the door was smashed in and i couldn't open it myself. She brushed the glass off of me, there was ALOT of glass and i didnt have a scratch on me. Amazingly enough.
I got S out of the car, she had a little glass on her, but she was fine too.
She talked to the cops when they came over, and anyone else that would listen.
When B got there, i was hysterical. I realized that i had NO IDEA what happened and it really scared me.
Of course i figured, i had a seizure, and passed out for a second. Which didnt happen. I dont think But it still scared me.
The next day I took off from work and we went and got my itty bitty rental car. I call it the Fred Flinstone car cuz it is like I am sitting on the ground when i drive it.
The shop said that it will take 10 days to fix, and there was $6450 worth of damage. Yeah that felt about right.
Of course i didnt take any pictures of my car. Should of, but didnt have my camera and i dont think the cops would have appreciated sitting with my car while i ran to get it.
So when I told one of my friends what happened, i told her that i took a different exit that day. I still till this day don't know why i took that exit. I NEVER do,becasue there are too many stop signs to get to my house.
She said maybe i did because i dont know what was waiting for me at my normal exit. Hmmmm. Maybe i was destined to get in an accident that day and there is less traffic on the exit that i took, and subconsiously i knew that. Or mom was telling me.
Either way, it happened, i was definately watched over Thanks Mom and we will all move

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~Denise said...

WHAT?????? and no one called me????
GEEZ!!! Oh and your cell phone has a camera in it!!!

Glad you guys are all ok! Call me when you can!