Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Cool New Stuff...

My new LOVE
New TV, New Couch

Our new Living Room

Old TV area

Old Living Room

So on the Wed. after the accident, we went and got a rental car. Then we decided to go to PC Richards and "look" at Big screen TV's that he desperately needed. (Deserved)
Well, let me just say, when this man goes to buy something, it is an experience ALL should witness at one time in your life. It is actually like a dance. The price is this....but what can you do for ME? Well this is what i can lower it to......Well, that is for regular people...what can you do for ME??

It is actually quite comical and i usually leave there feeling bad for the salesman, but with cool stuff
Well, it happened again, and i got a fridge out of the deal. Wahoo!!

We left with a Big Screen TV, with a surround sound system that plays CD's, and a BlueRay player, a TV stand, which i love, and of course my new Fridge (ahhh)
We also had ordered a couch in March that was being delivered yesterday. So we figured that we will have it all come on Saturday. I was off from work so it was convienient.

Well the couch came first, then when they were in the process of bringing that in, the fridge called and was 10 min away. AHHHH!!! Had to clean out the old fridge and freezer. Yikes, was hoping for a little more time.
But Alas, it all worked out and i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new fridge. I know all about the fingerprints i'm going to get, but for the price we got it for i can afford a cleaning lady to clean it. (Im just kidding) no im not

Later on the TV came and the very informative guys put everything together and gave us a lesson on how to work it. (i think i took a nap at that point)

But N wanted to play Wii a little while ago and i was able to accomadate. HA!
So sitting in our new living room last night with my kids and wonderful Man of my life, it felt like a home. All cozy and love all around.
Loving It...Moving on in the right direction


Anonymous said...

Thank God your are safe and being blessed. Love your new look.

Love Aunt Pris

~Denise said...

WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! love the new digs!!! :D