Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fathers Day, S and N

my bro (who thinks he's my father), my actual father, and my baby daddy.

Ok so I flaked on the Fathers Day post. Didn't mean to, just happened.

So it was good i think for B. For my dad it was probably sad, but he really didnt show it.

I let him sleep late, then i made a big breakfast for both of them.

I gave B the books and CD i got him ( i mean the kids got him). He didnt expect anything b/c he got himself the big screen TV. I feel that the TV was a gift for himself, this was from the kids.

Anyway, we just hung out the day. He hung out outside and read the paper, then watched the US OPEN on TV. I made him baked Ziti for dinner at his request. My sis came over and had dinner and my sis-in-law bought a cake for all the fathers. Nice.

I think he had a nice relaxing day, I asked him if there was anything else i could have done for him. He said "Stop the rain" Sorry. tried. just couldnt do it.

To my Honey: I am so happy and gratetul you are back in my life, where you belong. You are a wonderful father and man, and our son will be amazing if he turns out to be half the father you are. I love you

So on Thursday S daycare had a "preschool graduation". S isn't going to kindergarten (darn) but she was a part of the ceremony because she lead the graduates. She was in the front holding a flag. She was all dressed up and her hair was done. She practiced for weeks and she was so excited! She did a great job. I had to remind her though, that she wasnt actually graduating.

They sang songs, and the teachers read poems. I cried a little and said "geeze what am i going to do when she actually graduates next yr?" She cried when the kids gave roses to their moms, cuz she didnt have one for me. it was so sad. She kept saying "I wanna give a rose to my mommy!!" I told her that she wasn't graduating so i didnt getr a rose. I guess cause she was in the ceremony she thought she could give me one. She did have a great time!

On Friday, N had his last day of Kindergarten. It was so bittersweet to me. My baby boy is going into 1st grade!!! OMG. He is so happy to be done with school, and he is looking forward to going to 1st grade, but he actually misses school.

Oh, his little girlfriend Alexia moved to a new house so she wont be in his school next yr. I told him on the playground on Friday. Well, his reaction blew me away! He cried, really truly cried. Hard. I told him to give her a hug, he did, and she had no reaction at all. (bitch).

I am sure this will be the first of many times he will have his heart broken, but he had my heart aching for him. He even cried in the car on the way to lunch. Yikes... I told him that we will see her over the summer. But honestly i doubt we will. She moved far away, but we will see. He hasn't asked about her since then.

So after dinner i got him a cake and i had bought him characters from the CARS movie, that he wanted for graduating.

Some may say" so what its not a big deal its just kindergarten" Well ask his father if its a big deal, being he only made it to May when he was in kindergarten. True story. ask him.

So my little man made it, it was rough going but well worth the wait. He is sooo unbelievably smart, and social and just so great. (unless S is annoying the crap outta him then not so great).

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