Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is it Me??

Sometimes i feel that i am too Judgemental.
I hate being judged, especially at first glance, so why do i do it?
The other day at the park there was a girl, about 10 maybe. She was a little overweight for her age, but I am sure it was baby weight.
She looked a little like S with blonde hair and blue eyes and a little tall for her age.
Look again. Yikes!! She is walking around the park, eating an entire bag of chips. Not the small snack size, the big bag that i would break out at a BBQ to SHARE. Hmmm so my mind goes to this: "wow, she really shouldn't be eating all of that at her weight. Does her mom know she is eating the whole bag?? If i dont watch it, in 6 yrs that could be S."
Swear. That was my thought process.
Then i felt bad, cuz she could easily have a thyroid problem that makes her that weight, and that may be all her family could afford for her to eat for the WHOLE day and maybe that was her lunch portion.....or not.

So this AM i took N to school (which i love doing BTW)
I saw this little girl on the swings that is about 2 (i know this cuz i see her mom all the time and hear her talking)
She was eating Doritos, small bag, mind you. But it was 9am! HuH? is it just me or dont people know that Doritos is technically junk food, although it should be a food group of their own. (Mmmmm Doritos..)
But maybe it IS just me and i am too judgemental of other peoples parenting skills. Lord, know mine suck every now and then. And she was a girl, and we all know that sometimes you just have to give in....
(ie: Dk brown sweater dress, black thick stockings, and pink sparkle shoes to school.)
Anyway, i guess that is just something i have to work on..
See ya...

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