Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last day of vaca...way too busy

Yesterday was my friend Tina's sons 5 yr olds birthday party. She also had a new baby 7 weeks ago, so i got to see her too. She is such a doll baby. As cute and beautiful and snuggly as she is, i really dont miss that phase much. when i look at baby clothes, i get an urge for a baby. But when i hold a real one, i kinda wanna sniff her and give it back, and i did. yeah!
So the party was fun, busy as usual. Tina is amazing, cuz even with a newborn she managed to cook all the food and make the specialized cake. Which was a bowling ball and pin (it was a bowling theme). The food was amazing as usual, the kids had a blast with everyone else. Just a longgggg day.
Today i was suppose to go to breakfast and then Chuck E Cheese ,with S and some of her daycare friends. I baled on breakfast but did go to CC. I really hate that place. It is dirty, some of the games dont work, its loud, and boring for me. I swear she has rickets or polio or something from that place. It's a nurses nightmare..
So we left there after about an hour or so, headed home to get ready to go to the sis pool.
Even that place got on my nerves, Too many loud kids, some of the girls were trying to gang up on N. He handled it well, but one girl was able to dunk him and she was twice his age and size. Thats when i finally said something to her and told her not to dunk him again. They always have fun there, but i always leave with a headache.
So now we are home and the hubby is cooking a bbq. Mmmmm.
That about sums up my vaca. He says he likes having me around, and will miss me when i go back to work. Ditto. Can someone maybe talk him into me having the summer off too?? That would be great. Thanks.
Moving On

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