Monday, July 20, 2009

Why The First Day Back Stinks......

Well for starters, i have to say, i like my job. I just like being home more. :) With my family, for the summer. I'll work again in September.
So my job consists of whiney, mostly vent dependent, alert and sometimes comatose, residents. Needless to say, give me the comatose anyday. Nothing is worse than a a vent dependant resident that is pissy and cant speak. Have you ever tried reading someones lips while you get yelled at?? Then asking them to repeat it, like you wanna get cursed out twice..

So for some reason my men were all annoyed at something today. The women were cool (arent we always), but men in general whine when they arent feeling well, so being annoyed about something just adds to the mood. It could just be because i was back from vaca and they feeling comfortable bitching to me...who knows, but it is quite aggravating to say the least. It is my first day back from a great vaca, and i am spending the day listening to a pissy man complain that he wantes coffee instead of tea. Uggggg...bigger fish to fry dude.
Annnywho, so i got up at 5am. Stinky reason number 1
I had to get S up at 5:50am and listen to her ramble the whole way to work (2)
Bad sleep, with wierd dreams about annoying residents (3)
Bad hair day (4)
Dealing with very lazy co-workers (5)
However, i did get out on time, thats a plus.
I just think that since i married for money, and i am now independently wealthy, i shouldnt have to work full time :)
Just saying.
So tomorrow should be better, and i am looking forward to my day of on Friday. S is home with us on Friday, but i'll make due. Maybe i will try and talk the new hubby into letting me sleep in a little (hint hint honey)
Oh, and S starts her beginners dance class on Wed. Should be interesting, being she has no rhythm, and is like a bull in a china shop. Ill post a picture if i remember.
Thats all for now.

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