Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping day...

So it is Thursday and the cleaning lady came today. (LOOOOOVE HEEERRRR). But, we had to leave the house, cuz she cant possibly work around us.

We brought the girl to daycare, then went to breakfast. We headed out to the Outlets for a little shopping. I needed sandals and the boy needs shorts. He is growing tooo tall, and tooo fast.

So the Childrens Place was having a good sale, and we got a few prs of shorts for the boy.

I looked in a ton of stores for a pair of black sandals. Well apparently noone likes to make shoes in a wide width. All cute shoes in my size didnt fit. So aggravating. I finally found a pair in store number 175.....or maybe 4 or 5. B likes them as well so that is a plus.

Oh i forgot to mention that i was doing this with a slight hangover. Lastnight, we went to a friend of B's bar. He worked the Tiki bar in a reataurant in Moriches, we had such a great time. We met a bunch of people we didnt know , but still had fun with. love that.
So i had 3 drinks, but i must be quite the light weight, cuz i got very tippsy. (ok drunk), but it was really fun. I didnt do anything embarrasing, and B still loves me today so he must have had fun too.
Anywho so far that about sums it up. B is taking a nap, bed late, up early. Poor baby, guess he couldnt keep up with me last night while i tied one on. :)
Tomorrow is a free day, no plans except that my sis is suppose to take the kids for a sleep over, which would be lovely.
As of right now, my niece is sick, so that may be canceled. Hope not...

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~Denise said...

What? You went to the outlets and didn't get a new coach bag??? Or did you get one, but its for me so you are keeping it a surprise???? :)

PS: Lotso empty calories in those drinks girly!!!