Wednesday, July 15, 2009


That is what it took to get us to a day of fun at Foxwoods. We got up at the "crack of dawn".(6am) I actually got to sleep an hour longer that i usually do on a work day. B, not too happy.
Lets just say, now he knows where S gets her chatter box ways in the AM (hee hee)

So we drive to Orient Point (the end) to the Sea Jet. A very cool, and fast ferry. It took about an hour with traffic. I have to say it was a beautiful drive. If we weren't cursing out the idiots in front of us that WILLNOT go around the tractor carrying bales of hay in the middle of the road....
Ahem....anyway, it was a very beautiful drive through the wine section. That by 7am, i wanted to stop for a taste :0

We got to the Sea Jet with time to spare. It only takes about 40-45min to get to CT on that thing. It was nice, but packed. I think we were the youngest ones on it.
When we got to CT, we then step off the docks and walked on the Coach Bus. (Not to be confused with the COACH bags that i obsess over. Which BTW they DONOT give you when you get on the bus sigh...)
So 30 min later we finally end up in Foxwoods. Huge beautiful Hotel, no pixs. loser.
With the tix for the Sea Jet, we got 2 tix for the game Keno. Don't know what the game is but we one $7 so WAHOO! I'll play it. And also tix for the Buffet. Very nice and Very good food.

So we walked around a little and found the Poker table for B. I let him go have fun, and I walked around aimlessly for a while.
I then look up and Low and Behold i ran into a Panera Bread....yea me. I had coffee and a cinnamon roll, in my glory.
So i left there and headed into the BINGO room. Yes i morphed into an 80yr old woman and walked in. I swear, when i walked through the door, my gait slowed down, i became hunched over, and i shuffled when i walked. I think my hair turned that grey/blue as well.
True story.
So i paid my $10 and sat down. Oh, i had to buy those stamp bottles too, to mark my card.
I did have fun though, after one of the women working the place, came over to me to explain some things. I guess i looked a little confused. I was, but once i figured it out it was fun. I came 1 number away from winning in 2 games.. I could have won $300. Uggggg i HATE bingo.
So B called and i left. We went to the Buffet for lunch, then walked our lunch off around the place.
They have alot of little shops to go into...see the price...and walk out of.
We had to be back to bus by 4. So we took the long treck back home.

We really had a good time. We needed some alone time, and i realized how much i missed doing things with him, he is alot of fun. We didnt loose much money, ate a good lunch and spent some quality time together. Can't get much better than that.

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